• Airbus Helicopters TIGER. Der europäische Kampf- hubschrauber

    First flown in 1991, the Airbus Helicopters Tiger is the first combat helicopter manufactured in Europe and has been in series production since 2002. Currently, the armed forces of Germany, France, Spain and Australia are flying the model. The spectrum ranges from armed reconnaissance and close air support to combating enemy helicopters and tanks.
    Since its commissioning, the helicopter has participated in several conflicts. Michael Normann describes the entire development history, the production, the technology and the application here with a lot of detailed knowledge and technically sound.
    With 210 (mostly) colour pictures.

  • MiG-23

    The MiG-23 was built during the Cold War in the former Soviet Union and was, after the American F-111, the world’s second ever series-produced and operational swing-wing aircraft. Alongside the MiG-21, the single-seat aircraft was the most successful combat aircraft produced in the USSR and was exported to over 40 countries over a production period of almost 20 years. It was used in numerous conflicts and is still in service with some air forces today.
    The NVA also used the MiG-23 and has its own chapter in the book. A must for every well-stocked aviation library.
    With 200 pictures.

  • Transportflugzeuge aus der Sowjetunion

    The war in Ukraine has brought Russia’s military capabilities back into the focus of the general public. Air transport capacities are also central to this. During the Soviet Union, enormously powerful aircraft were created, including the legendary Antonov An-225 (a single piece), which was tragically irretrievably destroyed during the fighting.
    Michael Normann, himself a former member of the NVA, describes here in a proven expert and detailed manner the flying transporters from Soviet times, many of which are still in use today. An up-to-the-minute reference book.
    with 180 pictures.