• U-Boot im Focus Nr. 10

    55 photos – thereof 5 in colour, 2 coloured conning tower sideviews (U-653 and U778), 1 coloured map, 3 coloured emblems, 1 coloured document, Readerforum
    Conning Towers: U-653 – In Action with the Aggressive Lobster” on its Conning Tower
    Documents: A Christmas Greeting from Camp Coral”
    Unknown Emblems: U-196’s Leaping Tiger (U-Kentrat)
    Boat in Focus: A U-Boat Rescues Refugees – U-778’s Operations During the Final Month of the War
    Equipment: 7 x 50 blc (Zeiss) U-Boat Binoculars
    Scenery: Polar Sea Boat in Action (U-367)
    Fate: Accident while Docking (U-209)as well as photos from different types and more information