• U-Boot im Focus Nr. 11

    Scenery: Hit in the Cockpit! (JG 26)
    Colour Photos of a Seldom-Seen Kampfgeschwader (I./KG 28)
    Aircraft in Focus: An Extraordinary Aircraft from the Defense of the Reich – The Fw 190 of Major Philipp, Geschwaderkommodore of JG 1
    Unknown Emblems: 7.(H)/12’s Jaunty Dachshund”
    Photos with a Story: Target: Kramatorskaya Tank Works (KG 55 – 1941)
    Unusual: The Camouflaged Tarpaulin
    Fate: Shot Down Over the Murmansk Railway – The Fate of a KG 30 Crew in the Summer of 1942
    Documents: II./NJG 1’s 100th Night Victory
    Close-Support Aircraft: Ground Attack Pilot in the Closing Months of the War – Night Close-Support Missions by 2./EJG 2 in April-May 1945
    Fighters: Me 262 A-1a of JG 7, April 1945
    Bombers: Ar 234 of III/KG 76
    As well as photos Fotos of Ju 290, DFS 230 of St.G. 2, Ju 87 with an impressive snorting rhinoceros-Emblem, colourphotos of the emblem of IV./KG 54 and photos to more topics…52 photos – 7 of them in colour, 2 colour profiles, 1 coloured emblem, 3 coloured maps, Readerforum