• Blueprint Military Jeep Neuauflage des Haynes Enthusiasts‘ Manual 1940 Onwards

    The Jeep is among a handful of motor vehicles, along with other classics such as the VW ‚Beetle‘, the Mini, the E-Type Jaguar and the Citroën 2CV which are deserving of that overused adjective, iconic.
    This book, now enlarged and revised and with many new pictures, covers the story of the development of this iconic military vehicle and the myriad post-war ‚lookalikes‘. It also provides insight into what is involved in finding, restorying and running a military Jeep more than 80 years since the first prototype was delivered to the US Army in July 1940.
    It is a reliable guide to help enthusiasts find parts and to devide how a particular Jeep can be authentically restored. The book’s author, Pat Ware, is amongst the world’s foremost writers on historical military vehicles, with more than 60 titles and countless magazine articles on his credits.
    With aobut 200 b/w and coloour pictures.