• Douglas Boston/ Havoc in RAF Service North-West Europe Wingleader Photo Archive Number 28

    What’s the difference between an RAF Boston and an RAF Havoc?’ We were just about to confidently say that the Havoc was a night fighter and the Boston a bomber, when we remembered the Boston III intruders. The Havoc had the smaller tail, but then we remembered the Havoc Mk.II. In short, the lineage of the Boston is far from simple but we have done our very best to explain it all in this book.
    We’re delighted to welcome renowned profile artist Juanita Franzi to the series with her excellent set of Bostons and Havocs contained here. Juanita has a remarkable ability to ‘weather’ her profiles, a skill that is particularly useful when portraying matt black painted night fighters.
    Once again, our author Andy Thomas has dug out some very rare and interesting photos of RAF Boston/Havocs in operational service. So many in fact that we had to drop all the North Africa and Italy content for a future volume.
    As with all the books in this series, we’ve enhanced the photos to pull out the shadow detail and have added arrows and letters to identify points of interest.
    Aprox 120 photos and 6 colour profiles