• Les Avions de Transport et de Liaison de l’Armée de l’Air de 1945 à nos jours

    After the carriers of the Air Force have been involved in all foreign operations since 1945, it therefore was only fair to finally bring together all these planes and their units, over 75 years of history, across all continents. Not only transport planes, but also all those that have been used for links, single or twin, in a role that was not always foreseen during their design …
    The first part of the book reviews all transport, liaison, in-flight refueling and specific mission planes (electronic warfare, search and rescue, calibration, etc.). The second part gathers and presents all the units of the Air Force having implemented these devices, in metropolitan France as in theaters of operations. Thus, all the planes designed from the start for transport are presented in detail (design, use, particularities …), as well as their modified versions for training and specific missions (electronic warfare, search and rescue, calibration …), without forgetting the aircraft whose initial vocation was in no way transport or liaison. This is how we will see in these pages some models of famous bombers which enjoyed a second career in transport after the war.
    At the same time, all the units with a transport vocation (and similar), but also those for training and specific missions are detailed (chronology, traditions, endowment …).
    This book, of more than 470 pages, illustrated with some 600 photographs and 17 unpublished color profiles, is not for all that dedicated to military air transport stricto sensu and the air tankers of the Strategic Air Forces are not omitted, as well as the technical units that have always supported Air Force carriers.