• Le Noratlas. Du Nord 2500 au Nord 2508 Profils Avions No. 29

    Inspired by a first edition published in 1997, this is a new presentation, greatly enriched, with a totally renovated photographic choices.
    This book traces precisely the career of the Nord 2501 Noratlas from its conception at the end of the 40s until its withdrawal from the final service in the late 80s. Many versions tailored to specific needs were extrapolated, including electronic warfare.
    Also reviewed are foreign military users (Germany, Israel, Portugal, Greece, and many African countries), and some civilian companies like UAT and Air Algeria who passed command of the North 2502 versions with extra reactors. Nord Aviation tried to find other opportunities with N.2503 versions, N.2506, N.2508, but too late to be successful.
    6 maps, 23 color profiles, 8 b/w drawings as well as a complete production list. More than 1000 photos!