• Das Flurschaden-Geschwader – Die Chronik des Kampfgeschwader 51 EDELWEIß im Zeitraum 01.01.1944 bis Kriegsende

    This book describes the history of Kampfgeschwaders 51 Edelweiß, literally the crop damage-wing in the space of time from 1.1.1944 until WWIIs end. Whether in action over Eastern England in long range night hunting missions with its Me 410s, or in night fighter bomber missions over the Normandy beach head with Fw 190s, the reader is close to the action.
    By higher command, the Me 262-jet-fighter was used as fast bomber. This chronicle also reports of the tremendous effects those missions had, where the units nickname refers to.
    Beside the actions carried out by Einsatzkommando (literally: service command I./KG 51, also called Einsatzkommando Schenck), the reader learns all about the conversion from the Me 410 to Me 262 jets and the missions, which where carried out with this revolutionary aircraft type, as well as the fight of parts of the second squadron (2. Staffel) until the bitter end in the Prague region.
    The story of the previously unknown Erprobungsschwarm Me 262 des Generals der Schlachtflieger (literally: testing and evaluation squadron of the General of ground attack/fighter bomber units) is also reported.
    For the first time a list with the serial-numbers of the Me 262s in service with KG 51 is published in this book. 31 pages with contemporary photographs are included.
    31 pages with contemporary photographs.