• Messerschmitt Me 321, Me 323 Gigant.Technik- und Einsatzgeschichte

    This title is also available in ENGLISH language for the price of 98,00 Euro (same number of pages and photographs!)!!!
    This massive hardcover book describes the history, design, production, and combat service of all versions of the Gigant, starting with the glider version known as the Me 321 and then the motorized version known as the Me 323 Gigant or (Giant) which was the largest transport aircraft built during World War II.
    This massive photographic study is 440 pages and includes 745 wartime black and white photographs (many which are being published for the first time) and 14 rare color photographs taken during the war.
    In addition there are approximately 100 color profiles in both 2D and 3D showing the Me 321s, Me 323s and various versions of the Bf 110 and He 111Z aircraft that were used to tow the Me 321 glider. , and 12 B+W technical drawings. Also presented are 34 unit insignia and names of some aircraft, 10 tables with produced aircraft and their assignment to units, tables with codes of the aircraft produced during WWII, 5 organigrams, and 21 maps showing areas where the Gigant operated and had its losses during some operations.