• Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934-1945, Bd.12: Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland

    Four years after the 11th volume of this series, the twelfth volume is now available. In terms of location and content, it follows on from volumes 8, 9 and 10. From an operational point of view, the airfields described were in the area of responsibility of Luftflotte 3 (originally Munich) and administratively in the area of Luftgaukommando XII Wiesbaden. The establishment and expansion of the ground organisation on the territory of today’s federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland could only be tackled very late by the Luftwaffe. For this reason, the chapters of the descriptions only include two air bases planned as peacetime locations, which were never completed, as well as 9 operational harbours of the first or second order (a total of 7 of which were not completed) and 25 field airfields (5 not completed), plus two civilian airports (also field airfields).
    In recent years, many documents have been digitised by the Federal Archives and are therefore accessible without visiting the archives. These include signatures, some of which shed new light on the period of the beginning of the Second World War in particular.
    Approx. 260 mostly colour photos, maps and illustrations.
    The following airfields are covered in this volume:

    • Ailertchen
    • Bassenheim
    • Bitburg-Pützhöhe
    • Büdesheim
    • Dockendorf
    • Eckfeld
    • Ferschweiler
    • Fröhnerhof
    • Germersheim
    • Göllheim
    • Hennweiler
    • Hoppstädten
    • Hungerberg
    • Ippesheim
    • Kastellaun-Bell
    • Kastellaun-Nord
    • Kenn
    • Kirchberg-Maitzborn
    • Koblenz-Karthause
    • Kruft
    • Kusel
    • Lachen-Speyerdorf
    • Landau/ Pfalz
    • Mainz-Finthen
    • Morschheim
    • Neuerburg
    • Niederbreisig
    • Niedermendig
    • Pferdsfeld
    • Pirmasens-Husterhöhe
    • Ramstein
    • Rheingrafenstein
    • Rockenhausen
    • Roth in der Pfalz
    • Sembach
    • Speyer
    • Steinborn
    • Trier-Euren
    • Vettelhoven
    • Wengerohr
    • Worms
    • Primstal
    • Saarbrücken- Sankt Arnual
    • Saarbrücken- Ensheim