• Spione zur See – Schiffe und Boote der deutschen Abwehr 1938-1945 Bd.1: Norwegen, Nord- und Ostsee und die westeuropäischen Küstengewässer

    The two-volume work Spione zur See – Schiffe und Boote der deutschen Abwehr 1938-1945 is the first comprehensive overview of the ships and boats used by Admiral Canaris‘ defence and the naval task forces during the Second World War and their operations in the areas of Abwehr I (Secret Intelligence Service) and III (Counterintelligence and Counterespionage). This pioneering work opens up a blank spot on the map of naval history research. A wider audience is probably only familiar with the spectacular voyages of ANNI BRAZ BIHEN, KYLOE, PASSIM and SOIZIC. Saint-Loup memorialised them in his book about the GEISTERSCHIFFE HITLERS more than 40 years ago.
    But there were more than just this handful of boats, some of which undertook spectacular cross-continental voyages under the command of experienced deep-sea sailors in the service of defence: As a result, HEIMLICHE AUGEN AUF HOHER SEE documents the deployment of 252 ships and boats working for the Amt Ausland/Abwehr in the High Command of the Wehrmacht. These included at least 138 registered fishing vessels. Only in a minority of cases were these vessels manned by German crews. Most of them were civilian fishing vessels from countries occupied by the German Reich. Their deployment was made possible because a crew member, often the captain, could be recruited by the Abwehr as an undercover agent.
    This volume 1 of HEIMLICHE AUGEN AUF HOHER SEE is dedicated to the deployment of 164 ships and boats in the service of the Abwehr, including 101 fishing vessels, in Norway, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and Western Europe, in particular the coastal waters of Western Europe. The description of numerous planned, executed or failed operations to land V-men and saboteurs in Great Britain is just as much a focal point here as the monitoring of the blockade between Great Britain and Sweden and the permanent efforts to obtain the data for weather forecasts that were decisive for warfare.
    With 39 illustrations.