• U-Boot im Focus Nr. 08

    U-Boote im Focus is a magazine covering WW-2 German Navy submarine subjets, which is created by the same team that publishes Luftwaffe im Focus. It is published two times a year. Each volume contains about 80 previously unpublished photographs (most of them b/w) from private collections with detailed information in German and English (some volumes can also be obtained in French), as well as articles to special WW-2 submarine subjects. Contemporary colour photographs are also shown as well as colour profiles (a. o. in the centerfold), badges, markings and so on. The photographs are presented in large scale and high quality on art-print-paper. The comprehensive background-information makes each volume essential reading. A booklet for all historians and model builders as well. Contents:
    Readersforum: U-575, Emblem
    Typ II D Boote: U-143, 1941
    Typ VII A Boote: U-30, 1941
    Typ VII C Boote: U-376, 1942, U-376, Gästebuch, U-223, 1943
    Typ IX A Boote: U-37, 1940
    Electric Boats: U-2502, U3514, U-2511, 1945
    Conning Towers: U-83 mit Streifentarnung im Atlantik und Mittelmeer
    Unusual: Schildkrötenjagd trotz Luftbedrohung
    Color Photos: U-Krech kehrt von der 7. Feindfahrt zurück
    Boat in Focus: U-141 – ein II D Boot im Nordatlantikeinsatz
    Documents: Der Weihnachtsgruß der 3. ULD
    Unknown Emblems: Das Marienkäfer-Emblem von U-929
    Scenery: Kommandantenfrühstück auf der Brücke
    Fate: Gesunken durch Mine vor Salamis – der tragische Untergang von U-133