• U-Boot im Focus Nr. 15

    Content of issue 15:
    58 pages with 63 photos – 13 of them in colour, 1 coloured document, 1 coloured conning tower sideview, 2 coloured boat-sideviews, 3 maps
    Readers Forum
    Unusual: The Commander Lends a Hand
    Boat in Focus: U-84 – The Story of a Boat
    Patrols off Newfoundland, America and in the Caribbean
    Documents: The Krupp Germaniawerft AG’s Knight’s Cross Certificate
    Conning Towers: U-431 – One-Off
    Camouflage Scheme in the Mediterranean
    Fates: The Last Photos and the Last Voyage of Kptlt. Schepke (U-100)
    Photos with a Story: U-Boat Code Names in the Bases at St. Nazaire and La Pallice
    Scenery: A Look into the Conning Tower
    Cap Badges: U-50’s Big Whale” Cap Badge
    Interior Shots: U-109
    as well as photos of U-437, U-561, U-65, U-237 and further informations