• Sonderkommando Dora. Erkundungen in der Wüste Libyens vom Mai 1942 bis Januar 1943

    In 1942, the SONDERKOPMMANDO DORA was the second major operation after OPERATION SALAM, which the German foreign counterintelligence had organized on African soil to create useful maps for the Rommel campaign. Many official march reports, private diaries, private letters and photo albums of participants now make it possible for the first time to compile a complete documentation of the activities of this special unit.
    The history of obtaining the scientific results, their exploitation during and after the Second World War and many other interesting details are now available in this book.
    Here is an experience of a combatant, date 18th of July 1942:
    Nikolaus Benjamin Richter: The sight that presented itself to us there is probably the most incredible experience I have had so far in my life. And even our oldest and most spoiled expedition members unanimously admitted that they have never experienced such a situation, nor seen such a situation, yes, that we have probably all seen and experienced the eighth wonder of the world …
    As if spellbound, we stared at this wonder in the Sahara, in the heart of the glowing desert, where we had driven over 100 km, only through yellow sand, over stones and over black volcanic ash. We got into our car and drove slowly on the uppermost flat ridge of the ash cone the whole round.
    It was as if you were flying in an airplane over one of the most beautiful oases, so quiet lay the cars, and always new lakes, green lush reeds, salt strips, red water pools, even the blue of the lakes was as monstrous as it can only be described as fairytale-like. It was a tremendous impression.
    With 167 pictures (some of them in colour), some coloured maps, bilbiography, register of persons, index of places. All maps of the Sonderkommando DORA also can be ordered for 64,00 Euro. Please write us an e-mail or call us.