• Der Steyr-Puch Haflinger des Österreichischen Bundesheeres

    The Steyr-Puch Haflinger is now considered a cult vehicle. The little four-wheel drive vehicle found its place at Graz, in the Puch Museum, where many variations can be admired. But it can also be found on the street, and thanks to the Internet there is a worldwide community and solidarity among Haflinger friends.
    In his book, Walter Blasi describes the long road this vehicle takes to become one of the pillars of the Austrian Armed Forces. The course for the Haflinger was set in 1956. The first prototypes were built in 1957. The subsequent test drives by the Graz test department were of great interest to the public. In 1959 the off-road vehicle finally went into series production under the name Haflinger Type 700 AP.
    The name Haflinger derives from the mountain horse, which has been tried and tested by the German Army and was created spontaneously during a demonstration. It should take some time before the Haflinger became a military vehicle. As early as 1958, the vehicle had been subjected to extensive testing in several military departments. The Haflinger was finally used for commanders, commandos and small radio teams. The normal version had four seats, the radio-Haflinger was a three-seater.
    The vehicle then developed into a military export hit. There was great foreign interest. 80% of the production was exported to 110 countries. In the 1970s, larger overseas deliveries went to Africa. The later drop in demand at the Haflinger was gradually compensated for by orders from his bigger brother, the Pinzgauer.
    With numerous illustrations (mostly in b/w).