• Flughafen München. Vom Flugfeld der Pioniere zum internationalen Verkehrsflughafen

    The airport history of Munich – illustrated book for the 30th anniversary of the MUC.
    Puchheim, Oberwiesenfeld, Schleißheim, Riem, Munich Airport – more than 100 years of air traffic are the reason for this exciting walk through history. The first 59 pages deal with the airport til 1945.
    This illustrated book with many historical photographs invites you on a journey through time: From the daring flights of aviation on the airfield in Puchheim, from the beginnings of civil aviation on the Oberwiesenfeld, from the flight competitions at Schleißheim, to the Munich-Riem Airport and finally to the airport of Munich.
    Take off on a highly informative sightseeing flight over more than 100 years of aviation history in Munich.
    The complete history of Oberwiesenfeld, Riem and MUC nformation at first hand by an author with many years of industry experience. The complete history of Oberwiesenfeld, Riem and MUC. First-hand information from an author with extensive industry experience.