• Convoy Battles. U-Bootangriffe gegen die Geleitzüge U-boat attacks against the convoys

    The German U-boat campaign against Allied shipping, termed ‘The Battle of the Atlantic’ by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was the longest continuous military operation during World War Two. It included numerous battles between Allied convoys and German U-boat groups sent out to interrupt the maritime lifelines between Britain and the rest of the world. However, with the art of operational history unjustly dismissed in historical circles for many decades, precise knowledge about the bitter fighting on the oceans is surprisingly incomplete even today. This book focuses on three exemplary convoy battles to tell their true stories, hour by hour, day by day, and to pay tribute to those who paid the utmost price in the fight against tyranny. The operations around Convoy S.C. 7 in 1940, Convoy S.C. 118 in 1943 and the combined convoy J.W. 66 R.A. 66 just days before the end.
    Some b/w and colored drawings, technical drawings and b/w pictures.