• Panther Ausf. D. Bergepanther Ausf. D. Technik und Einsatzgeschichte

    First part about the variants of the Panther. This volume contains everything worth knowing about the Panther and Bergepanther of the Ausf. D, its technology and its operational history.
    The interested reader will find a detailed description of the Panther D, selected assemblies (part 1), a complete description of the Pz.Bef.Wg. Panther Ausf. A,D and G.
    Particularly exciting is of course the infrared equipment, to which a separate chapter has been dedicated.
    The Bergepanther Ausf. is also honored with its own section.
    Also of particular interest is the operational history of the Panther D in 1943, including the missions:
    Pz.Abt 51 und Pz.Abt 52 in Kursk
    2. SS-Pz.Div. Das Reich
    Pz.Rgt. 23 der 23. Pz.Div.
    LSSAH in year 1943
    A fascinating, detailed photobook with many historical original photos and revealing technical drawings of various variants and assemblies. A must-have for technology fans, historians and modelers.