• Flying Colours of Richard J. Caruana. Bookazine Collection: 1

    During the last decade or so a considerable number of requests were received, especially from the younger generation, for me to put together a cross-section of my work into a book. Truly an impossible task considering the thousands of illustrations produced over these fifty years. It was therefore with this in mind that I’m embarking on this voyage of memories that will hopefully be met with approval by both those who remember the drawings in now-defunct or difficult to find publications and also those too young to have had the opportunity of enjoying them. It also gave me the chance to update older illustrations to today’s standards.
    Airco DH2, RAF S.E.5a, Seversky P-35, Short Stirling, IMAM Ro.43, Desert 109s – JG27, Douglas F4D, Skyray, Fleet Air Arm Phantoms, John Livingstone Boyd