Du Fieseler Fi 156 au Morane-Saulnier MS 500. De la Cigogne au Criquet. Collection Profils Avions n°39


A spy for our soldiers in 1940, an artillery adjustment plane or a rescuer for our wounded in Indochina or in AFN, then a tug for our vlivoles of the Sixties, the Storch is now a star at airshows.
We will discover together its history, its many adaptions and its exploits.
This work has been carried out drawing on a large amount of both public and private archives. These have been exploited by avoiding repeating statements based on hearsay. Indeed, a large number of sometimes fanciful statements have been made about this device and it has been attempted to take stock each time an original technical documentation existed. Completeness is not claimed, but has been attempted to come close.
The reader will undoubtedly understand the complexity of the task and will certainly apologize for any errors or omissions that may arise. This is particularly true for the history of each French device that completes this work. The archives of the post-war period are very incomplete, human memory was then more in demand and traceability not yet fashionable


Dieses Werk, das die Fieseler Fi 156-Flugzeuge, die sehr vielseitig eingesetzt wurden, von den Anfängen bis in die 60-iger Jahre zeigt, wurde auf der Grundlage einer großen Anzahl von öffentlichen und privaten Archiven geschrieben. Ab 1944 wurden in den Morane Saulnier-Werken die französischen Nachbauten (Morane Saulnier MS 500) produziert.
Ca 380 Fotos, Diagramme, s/w Zeichnungen sowie ca 20 Farbprofile ergänzen das Werk.

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