Hawker Typhoon Part 2: Summer 1943 to early 1944 Wingleader Photo Archive Number 21


This second volume covers the period when the Typhoon went from being a defensive fighter to being an offensive fighter-bomber. Along the way, trials were also conducted into its night fighting capability and its resilience to operating in the desert. Both trials are also covered in this book.
The last quarter of 1943 also saw the introduction of the fourth distinct canopy style on the Typhoon. There was no change in mark number to signify this nor apparently, within the RAF, was there any official nomenclature to signify the variants. However, it was usually referred to as the sliding hood and from notes in pilots’ logs it would seem that the term ‘slider’ was used to differentiate the new clear-vision hood from the awkwardly-named ‘car-door’ type. So ‘slider’ appears throughout this publication.
With 120 b/w pictures and 6 colour profiles.

Der zweite Band der Hawker Typhoon behandelt die Zeit, in der sich die Typhoon von einem defensiven Jäger zu einem offensiven Jagdbomber entwickelte. Auf dem Weg dorthin wurden auch Tests durchgeführt, um die Nachtkampffähigkeit und die Widerstandsfähigkeit während der Wüstenoperationen zu erproben.
Mit 120 s/w Fotos und 6 Farbprofilen.

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