Nuts & Bolts, Vol. 31: Marder II (SdKfZ 131)


The Panzer-Jägers theme was always one of the major interest groups of the publishers. The Marder III series were a very important and interesting series which generated Volumes Vol. 15, 17, 18. We accepted at this time that it was also historically important to include the Marder II as it was one of the early and proficient tank hunters. However, we also appreciated that our readers were interested in other important German WWII ground equipment. We had decided that a further volume would follow in the Panzer-Jäger family on the important Marder II, but at a later date. To keep the series diversified we produced titles with different themes like Panzer-Artillerie and half-tracked transport etc. In the meantime we had received additional information/photos etc on earlier Panzer-Jäger vehicles and therefore we revised Vol. 9 on the armoured RSO and Vol. 23 on the Panzerjäger I, together with a new Vol. 24 on the Marder II based upon the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D & E.
Now we are proud to present the new volume Vol. 31 concerning the Marder II (Sd.Kfz. 131) on the chassis of the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. A-C & F:
-approx. 365 photos, of those 190 b/w photos, mostly unpublished showing the Marder II during the war,
155 coloured photos of four still existing vehicles in museums and
20 photos of Master models from Tony Greenland and Vinnie Branigan
40 pages text in German/English with six tables and two Kriegstärkenachweisungen, all photo captions in both languages
10 pages of 32 scale drawings in 2D and 3D in 1:35 scale of all known variants and details by John Rue
7 pages with 14 coloured camouflage schemes from original wartime photos of the Marder II and the different ammunition used with the 5 cm Pak 38 and 7,5 cm Pak 40 by Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo


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