The Aviation Historian Issue 45: Snow Patrol. An American in the RAF



  • 10 THE TIPPING POINT. In March 1943 Allied airpower combined to devastating effect against Japan’s vital supply lines between New Britain and New Guinea. Jarryd Cripps marks the 80th anniversary of the oft-forgotten Battle of the Bismarck Sea
  • 22 THE AMLINGER CASE. When young widow Ellen Amlinger jumped to her death from a Lufthansa Dornier in August 1930, theories swirled about her late husband’s involvement in a secret German

aircraft project in Russia. Lennart Andersson investigates

  • 28 OPERATION AGILA. Guy Ellis takes a look at the peacekeeping air operations of the Commonwealth Monitoring Force during a ceasefire and elections in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe during 1979 – 80
  • 40 THE VICKERS ARE COMING! Continuing our series on British aerial weapons, master illustrator Ian Bott joins forces with Mark Russell to detail the evolution and technical aspects of the ubiquitous

Vickers machine-gun, the RAF’s standard fighter armament from the First World War through to the Second

  • 52 OPERATION CONVERTIBLE. In the 1990s the British Army explored using airships as surveillance platforms in Northern Ireland. Professor Keith Hayward FRAeS examines the political and practical

difficulties involved, and why it ultimately came to nothing

  • 64 TODAY’S PROJECT, TOMORROW’S ACHIEVEMENT?. British manufacturer Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft is mainly known for the pre-war oddball OA-1 and the post-war Concordia – but the company also designed a four-engined transatlantic airliner, as Ralph Pegram reveals
  • 74 NORTH AMERICAN’S CLASS OF ’54. With the help of a June 1954 company brochure, Tony Buttler AMRAeS explores North American Aviation’s conceptualisation of a series of state-of-the-art military jet aircraft for the burgeoning Cold War
  • 84 GULFSTREAMING. In 1971 Brian J. Turpin MRAeS joined the Ford Motor Company’s air services division to fly the elegant Gulfstream I turboprop. He recalls what it was like to fly
  • 96 ANY OLD IRON? Ricardo M. Lezon and Matthew Willis relate how an Argentinian Navy delegation inspected a cache of stored Seafires in the UK with a view to acquiring them in 1955
  • 106 A YANK IN THE RAF. In 1979 Col John W. Zink swapped his USAF F-4 Phantom for an RAF Harrier GR.3 when he accepted a placing on an officer exchange programme to fly with No 1 (F) Sqn
  • 122 LOST & FOUND EXTRA: THE MILLERS‘ TALE. In an extended Lost & Found, Philip Jarrett HonnCRAeS traces the story of a pair of ornithopters, both apparently the creation of a Mr Miller – or were there two Mr Millers?
  • 126 BEWARE „THE LEANS“! The late Cdr John Ford’s recollections of his naval flying

career continue with Sea Hawk dive-bombing – at night

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