• Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934-1945, Bd. 9: Bayern-Luftgau VII – München

    Volume 9 of the series completes the description of the history of all airfields of the Luftwaffe in the Free State of Bavaria. In addition to the 59 airfields in the area of responsibility of the former Luftgaukommando XIII Nuremberg described in Volume 8, a further 62 have been added in the area of Luftgaukommando VII Munich. The sites from Ainring to Waal are described. These include airfields that were established before the First World War, such as the cradle of the Royal Bavarian Air Force in Schleißheim, but also those that were only used for a few days or even hours towards the end of the war. Included, of course, are the sites of the large factories used by the aircraft industry, but also those associated with the WALDWERKE, where the latest aircraft were to be assembled unnoticed by Western Allied aerial reconnaissance.
    980 photos, many of them in colour, aerial photographs, scale drawings.