• Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934-1945, Bd. 10: Baden-Württemberg

    In this tenth volume of the series, the main focus is again on airfields which, like those already described in Volume 9, were under the jurisdiction of Luftgaukommando VII Munich before and at the beginning of the Second World War. A few belonged to the areas of Luftgaukommandos XII Wiesbaden and XIII Nuremberg. The 77 airfields listed from Bad Dürrheim to Zarten include some with a history dating back to the early days of aviation and others that were only used for a few days or were never completed. These include another site that was associated with a FOREST FACTORY for the production of the Messerschmitt Me 262, the most modern turbojet aeroplane at the time. In addition, the history of the production site for the wing of this aircraft in the Engelberg tunnel near Leonberg, an air intelligence unit facility and an air munitions centre are also briefly described.
    597 photos, many of them in colour, aerial photographs, sketches, maps, site plans.