• Airbus Helicopters TIGER. Der europäische Kampf- hubschrauber

    First flown in 1991, the Airbus Helicopters Tiger is the first combat helicopter manufactured in Europe and has been in series production since 2002. Currently, the armed forces of Germany, France, Spain and Australia are flying the model. The spectrum ranges from armed reconnaissance and close air support to combating enemy helicopters and tanks.
    Since its commissioning, the helicopter has participated in several conflicts. Michael Normann describes the entire development history, the production, the technology and the application here with a lot of detailed knowledge and technically sound.
    With 210 (mostly) colour pictures.

  • Mitsubishi Babs Vol. 1. The world’s first high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft

    This book was written to redress this imbalance and tell the true story behind the development and operational deployment of the world’s first high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft, which began 6,000 miles further east and four years prior to the momentous events in Europe, under the guidance of the Imperial Japanese Army and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co Ltd. Faced with similar preconceptions, technical arguments, and a very rigid operational doctrine, the Mitsubishi Babs was developed during a brief golden aeronautical period (between the mid 1930s and early 1940s), when the Japanese aircraft industry flourished under constant military aircraft competitions and production orders. Free from prying eyes and shrouded within a self-imposed veil of secrecy, the Japanese developed numerous designs that were equal to and in some cases ahead of contemporary Western manufacturers.
    This book is the most comprehensive on the “Babs” yet published in English, with numerous photographs of the aircraft in service, several of which have never been published before, walkaround photographs of the preserved aircraft, illustrations from contemporary manuals, and color artwork.

  • Seaforth World Naval Review 2023

    For over a decade this annual has provided an authoritative summary of all that has happened in the naval world in the previous twelve months, combining regional surveys with one-off major articles on noteworthy new ships and other important developments. Besides the latest warship projects, it also looks at wider issues of significance to navies, such as aviation and weaponry, and calls on expertise from around the globe to give a balanced picture of what is going on and to interpret its significance.
    This year’s edition has a strong American emphasis with one of the Fleet Reviews dedicated to the US Navy, and the latest of the in-depth ‘Significant Ships’ series covering the US Navy’s iconic Nimitz class aircraft carriers, now approaching half a century of service. Other ‘Significant Ships’ include New Zealand’s new logistic support ship Aotearoa, and France’s Suffren class nuclear attack submarines. Technological subjects range from the currently very topical issue of Hypersonic Weapons by Norman Friedman to the Royal Navy’s Technological Transformation Programme, as well as David Hobbs’ regular review of naval aviation which this year takes in an anlysis of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s worldwide CSG21 deployment.