• Graf Zeppelin’s Eagles. An Operational History of the Messerschmitt Bf 109T

    The history of the Bf 109 T forms a small but important part of the most famous Messerschmitt design. Seventy were built in 1941, initially as the planned fighter complement of the Graf Zeppelin. As the aircraft carrier was cancelled, the Bf 109 Ts were handed over to the Luftwaffe which put them into service in Norway. However, renewed plans to complete the Graf Zeppelin saw the Bf 109 Ts withdrawn from Norway and converted back to the carrier version. The final cancellation of the Graf Zeppelin at the beginning of 1943 saw the aircraft issued to Jagdstaffel Helgoland and given a new lease of life. At the end of the year the unit moved back to southern Norway. In mid 1944 the Bf 109 T was finally withdrawn from front-line service and the remaining aircraft transferred to training units.
    This book extensively details the history and use of the Bf 109 T, and includes accounts not only by the Luftwaffe pilots who flew them but also their opponents from the RAF and the USAAF. Details are included of all known losses.
    500 b/w photos, maps, scale drawings, 16 full colour profiles including 3-view.