• Messerschmitt Bf 108. Von der Taifun zur Pingouin und Noralpha #NAME?

    The Messerschmitt 108 Typhoon was developed in 1934 for the European flight. In 1936, these prototypes were turned into the production version Bf 108 B-1, which, due to its numerous innovations, represented a milestone in the evolution of sports and touring aircraft and is still regarded today as a model for many modern aircraft in this class. Willy Messerschmitt had been known since 1927 as the designer of numerous innovative and famous aircraft.
    Important for the sales success of the Typhoon were the numerous exports abroad, which made the name Taifun known worldwide.
    As a non-war aircraft, production was moved to France in 1942. After the liberation of France, production continued under the name Nord 1000/1001/1002 Pingouin.
    The last aircraft of this type, which was also very popular with the French Air Force, rolled off the production lines in 1951. In France, the Nord 1100/1101 Noralpha with nose wheel landing gear was built according to German plans from 1946 to 1948.
    975 pictures, 574 of them b/w and 401 in colour. The colour profiles of all variants are made of Herbert Ringlstetter, who is well known for his illustrations. All images used, have been digitally prepared and revised by Rolf Schneider.