• Austro-Hungarian Mine Warfare and Auxiliary Vessels in WW I

    Beside fighting ships, all navies of the world have a number of auxiliary warships in their inventory, and the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal navy was no exception. In addition to the ships specially built for various purposes (repair ships, mother ships for torpedo boats and submarines, rescue ships, tugboats and yachts), a number of merchant ships were hired or requisitioned during the war to serve as auxiliaries for transport of personnel and material, as patrol and anti-submarine ships, gunboats or hospital ships. This book is dedicated to all these larger and smaller steamers, and to the mine warfare ships – minelayers and minesweepers – as well, whose actions were often forgotten, as the final book in the series on Austro-Hungarian warships in the First World War.
    In addition to the technical and historical data and ships´ fates after the First World War, the book also contains a number of photographs and drawings of most of the listed mine warfare, auxiliary, transport and hospital ships.
    With 168 pictures.