• Artilleriesysteme der NVA

    The Cold War knew no measure: for every new weapon, for every new system, the opposing side responded with even more sophisticated weapon systems. Both the Bundeswehr and the NVA received the corresponding equipment from their respective Big Brothers.
    Jörg Siegert, an expert on questions of GDR military vehicles, devotes this volume to the tube artillery and rocket guns of the NVA, which are comprehensively presented and portrayed in a proven manner. In addition to the actual weapon carriers, the numerous command and support vehicles are also presented.
    With 180 pictures.

  • Transportflugzeuge aus der Sowjetunion

    The war in Ukraine has brought Russia’s military capabilities back into the focus of the general public. Air transport capacities are also central to this. During the Soviet Union, enormously powerful aircraft were created, including the legendary Antonov An-225 (a single piece), which was tragically irretrievably destroyed during the fighting.
    Michael Normann, himself a former member of the NVA, describes here in a proven expert and detailed manner the flying transporters from Soviet times, many of which are still in use today. An up-to-the-minute reference book.
    with 180 pictures.