• Deutsche Panzertechnik. Prototypen und Kleinserien 1925-1945

    In this reference work, the drive technology of the German armored personnel vehicles manufactured or designed in small series or as prototypes, as well as special constructions from 1920 to 1945, is presented in detail for the first time.
    The focus is on the design, manufacture and further development as well as the internal structure and function of the engines, gears and steering gears used in the vehicles mentioned.
    The book is rounded off by interior shots of museum exhibits as well as the presentation of the attachments used at the time.
    With 440 pictures.

  • Flugzeuge der Welt 2023

    Also in 2023, aircraft types that are currently being tested, are in production, or are expected to make their maiden flight in 2023 will again be presented in this standard work. The various models are presented and explained in the proven way in pictures, text and three-side-views/drawings.
    The main topic of the 63rd edition will be drones – they are becoming increasingly important in military conflicts. Older Russian aircraft types will also be presented, which are currently in high demand again in Russia due to Western sanctions.
    With 310 colour pictures.

  • Warships of the Soviet Fleets 1939-1945, Vol. III: Naval Auxiliaries

    This third and final part of the series includes all the ships in naval service that were not frontline fighting vessels. Despite auxiliary status, these were not insignificant ships – indeed the icebreakers were the largest vessels built by the USSR before the war and carried so much prestige that every leading member of the Soviet regime wanted their name on one. Apart from the obvious fleet support types – oilers, tugs and depot ships – this volume also covers unsung heroes like the salvage fleet, highly significant in the 1930s for generating much-needed foreign currency and later essential to the war effort, allowing so many sunken Soviet warships to be returned to service. Another major feature of this volume is the first clear and comprehensive listing of ex-mercantile transport ships, their periods of service and ultimate fates. Even harbour service craft are included, right down to the humble ‘heaters’ that supplied warmth to icebound warships in the depth of the Russian winters.
    This volume concludes with a number of important appendices on subjects like weaponry and a massive cross-referenced index that will allow readers to differentiate between ships of the same name and to track every name change.
    This is undoubtedly one of the most important naval reference works of recent years and will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in warships, the Soviet Navy or wider maritime aspects of the Second World War. Furthermore, as recent Russian actions appear to revive Soviet-era aspirations, this book offers both new insights and valuable background of contemporary relevance.
    200 line-drawings and halftones.