• Atom-U-Boote der US Navy seit 1954

    In 1954, the USA achieved a technological milestone: with the NAUTILUS, the US Navy put the first nuclear-powered submarine in history into service. The flexibility of the new propulsion system revolutionised naval warfare, and the NAUTILUS and its successors became the model for hundreds of other ships worldwide.
    Today, the USA operates the largest submarine fleet in the world with around 70 units. In this book, naval expert and specialist author Lutz A. Kowalzick presents the nuclear-powered submarines of all classes in the US Navy, from their beginnings to the present day.
    With 204 illustrations.

  • Der Alb-Express. Die Lokalbahn Amstetten-Gerstetten

    Korbinian Fleischer puts his heart and soul into writing this piece of regional history about the Alb-Express. The approximately 20-kilometre-long local railway from Amstetten to Gerstetten was built in 1906 by the Württembergische Eisenbahngesellschaft (WEG) and played an important role in regional transport for decades: it took people to work, school or shopping. Steam trains have been running regularly on the local railway since 1982. In 1997, the Ulm railway enthusiasts had to take over the line, as it would otherwise have been dismantled. Since 2002, the steam train service has been supplemented by journeys with a diesel railcar in the summer months, which are financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg.
    With 175 b/w and colour pictures.