• Am Himmel Frankreichs, Die Geschichte des JG 2, Bd. 6: 1944

    The sixth volume reports in detail on the history of Richthofen” from January 1, 1944 until its final withdrawal from France at the end of August. This period was marked by many murderous dogfights during the preparation and implementation of the landing in Normandy. Due to the large imbalance of the armed forces, the persistence of the German air force pilots did not allow to defend the occupied sky over France. The losses of both the Allies and the German Air Force were dramatic. For example, within two months the JG 2 lost two commodores and two commanders, four of whom had reported almost 400 victories. The chapter concerning the fighting of JG 2 on the invasion front shows that «Richthofen» was particularly active there from June 6, 1944.
    With 175 pictures.
    1: Chapter 23 – The I./JG 2 back on the Mediterranean
    2: Chapter 24 – I./JG 2 in Italy
    3: Chapter 25 – Expecting Death”
    4: Chapter 26 – Preparing for the Invasion
    5: Chapter 27 – Invasion Front
    6: map
    7: Loss lists
    8: List of names