• Die Waffen der Roten Armee. Panzer 1939-1945

    The USSR relied on tank weapons relatively late, but then so consistently, that by the mid-1930s it already had more tanks than the rest of the world. After the first catastrophic battles for the Soviets, the Red Army finally surprised not only its opponents with modern armored vehicles. With the second volume on the weapons of the Red Army in World War II, Victor Schunkow provides a complete overview of the armored vehicles of the former Soviet Union – from the heavy KW-1 to the medium T-34 to the Tiger rival IS-2.

  • Fire! The 25-Pounder in Australian Service.

    This publication details the 25-pdr gun, its ammunition and ammunition trailer. It examines in detail the range of Australian adaptations of the 25-pdr as a pack gun and Self-Propelled gun, and the 25-pdr carriage as the basis for the 17-pdr anti-tank gun. It demonstrates how the 25-pdr really was an adaptable piece of ordnance.
    The 25-pdr gun-howitzer was, for many gunners in British Commonwealth countries, the quintessential field gun. Rugged, reliable, steady and accurate, the 25-pdr served the armies of Britain and the British Commonwealth well from the early days of the Second World War, through the war in Korea and the Emergency in Malaya. Many gunners lamented the passing of the 25-pdr when it was finally withdrawn from service in the early 1970s.
    Although the 25-pdr field gun was designed in the UK, three countries manufactured the field gun in quantity – the UK, Canada and Australia. While the field gun was also adapted to the role of a Self-Propelled gun by the UK and Canada, only the Australians developed the gun to serve in four distinct roles, making the Australian experience with the 25-pdr gun unique. Only Australia adapted the 25-pdr field gun to the Self-Propelled gun, a light pack gun, and as a tank gun. Only Australia developed modifications to the field gun such as the foot-firing gear and the double air-spaced shield, and only Australia parachuted 25-pdr field guns into battle during the Second World War.
    Full colour throughout, 550 photos and diagrams.


  • Forgotten Archives 03: The Lost Signal Corps Photos

    The search for and discovery of seldom seen and unpublished US Army Signal Corps photographs formed the backbone of the first two volumes of ‚Forgotten Archives‘. In this third instalment, author Darren Neely continues his search for new imagery in unknown archives, while broadening contact with veteran’s families. This superbly produced 240-page book features 249 clear, high-quality photographs of US and German fighting vehicles, which are complemented by 8-pages of specially commissioned colour artwork by Felipe Rodna. QR-codes are included on 31 pages, point your smartphone camera at them to see the scene in Google Maps or Street View.
    Italy: Signal Corps Coverage in the Mediterranean Theater
    Sgt. Joseph DeMarco: 165th Signal Corps Photographic Company
    Field Modifications and Tests: Cameramen Visit Ordnance Units
    11th Armored Division: From the Ardennes to Germany with the Thunderbolt Division
    7th Army Part 1: Operation Nordwind
    T/4 Warren Rothenberger: 166th Signal Photographic Company
    V Corps: From Col. Stanhope Mason, Chief of Staff, V Corps
    7th Army Part 2: Riviera to the Rhine
    XX Corps: General Walton Walker Albums
    Cameramen: In Action

    Vehicle List:


    M5A1 Light Tank
    M24 Light Tank
    M4 (75) Medium Tank
    M4 Medium Dozer Tank
    M4A1 Medium Tank
    M4A1 Medium Tank Duplex Drive
    M4A3E2 Assault Tank
    M4A3 (76) Medium Tank
    M4A3 (75) Medium Tank
    M4A3 (105) Assault Gun
    T34 Rocket Launcher (Calliope)
    T1E3 Mine Exploder
    M36 GMC
    M36B1 GMC
    M10 GMC
    M18 GMC
    M12 GMC
    M8 HMC
    M7 HMC
    M3A1 Halftrack
    M15A1 CGMC
    M8 Light Armored Car
    M20 Armored Utility Car
    M1A1 wrecker
    Harley Davidson WLA
    Universal Carrier (British)
    T-34/85 (Russian)


    Tiger II
    Tiger I
    Panther Ausf.A
    Panther Ausf.G
    Jagdpanzer IV
    Jagdpanzer 38
    Panzer IV/70(A)
    Panzer IV/70(V)
    Sturmgeschütz IV
    Flakpanzer IV ‚Wirbelwind‘
    Bergepanzer III
    Flammpanzer III
    Sturmgeschütz III
    Pz.Kpfw.II fahrschule fzg
    Sd.Kfz.222 Ausf.B
    Panzerspähwagen 204 (f)

  • Nuts & Bolts, Vol. 45: Sd.Kfz. 10 – leichter Zugkraftwagen 1 ton and variants

    449 photos (290 historic photos, 131 colour photos of the surviving vehicles in public and private collections, 28 colour photos of five models), 16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings and 69 scale drawings.