• Iltis. Der Geländewagen von Volkswagen/Bombardier

    The ILTIS has an eventful history. Originally awarded to AUDI as a contract work by the parent company VOLKSWAGEN, the 0.5 tmil gl truck was developed in Ingolstadt, which was manufactured from 1978 for the Bundeswehr and other armies.
    On more than 350 pages with 500 photos, drawings and tables, the author Achim Wagner conveys
    profound knowledge about the development, technology and use of the truck 0.5t mil gl ILTIS.

  • U-552. Das Boot der roten Teufel. Eine Einsatzdokumentation in Fotos.

    U-552 was one of the legendary U-boats of the Second World War. Under its commander Erich Topp, it carried out a total of ten operational patrols, sinking 30 ships and damaging three in a period of 20 months. In the days of the big convoy battles, when the Allies’ detection technology had not yet been perfected, before the German radio codes had been broken, and convoys were not or at best weakly escorted, Topp was among the U-boat arm’s most successful commanders. Within 16 months he was decorated with the Knight’s Cross, the Oak Leaves and the Swords.
    U-552, the boat with the Red Devil emblem, was probably photographed more by war reporters than any other U-boat. Despite its fame during the war, until now there has been no comprehensive history of U-552. Our book changes this. Photos from almost all of the boat’s patrols, a war cruise chronology including the period after Topp, and a description of special occurrences together form a special U-boat book. Color graphics round out the book.
    318 pictures, 18 color maps and about 6 color graphics.

  • War Prizes. Captured German, Italian and Japanese Aircraft of WWII.

    This book is a meticulously researched review of the many German, Italian and Japanese aircraft taken to Allied countries or flown by the Allies during or after the Second World War. The hsitory of these captured aircraft has been extensively researched and the book is copiously illustrated by an unrivalled selection of around 500 photographs, gleaned from around the world.
    The book’s chapters are devoted to chronological themes describing the individual histories of each aircraft and the units which flew them in the USA or France or in specific theatres of war, with a final chapter covering the use made of aircraft in other countries. Coverage includes civilian aircraft and sailplanes as well as military types, post-war production of German designs and details of surviving aircraft in museums.
    Appendices and indexes cover designation and marking systems, information sources and other useful background.