• Die Eroberung der Taklamakan

    Since the mid-80s, Chinese customers have ordered a large number of special vehicles that are used in the search for raw materials. Thousands of trucks from well-known manufacturers were exported to China in the following years.
    This book follows in the footsteps of the vehicles into the second largest sand desert in the world, the Taklamakan in western China. Large oil deposits lie under a sea of sand dunes. For the exploration and extraction of the raw materials, the best manufacturers in the world were commissioned to provide their constructions to conquer the desert. Companies such as Daimler-Benz, MAN, MOL, Kenworth, Astra, Foremost, Oshkosh, Isuzu, Titan and others responded to the call. In this way, the Chinese oil companies gained valuable experience, which today makes them the market leaders in the exploration of desert areas all over the world. We also follow these traces as far as the Sahara and the Gulf States.
    With 1.245 colour pictures!!

  • Die Panther-Abteilung Brandenburg 1945 u. i. Vorgeschichte als I. Abt. Pz.Rgt. 26. TscherkassyBudap. – Oderfront – Kessel v. H.

    This volume The ‘SThe story of the Brandenburg? Panther Battalion and its prior history as I Battalion of Panzer-Regiment 26 played out against the background of the everywhere collapsing fronts of the final year and a half of the war. The reader takes part in the fighting withdrawals in the vast steppe landscapes of southern Russia and Rumania and the battles on the East Prussian border and in the Baltic States. He is encircled with the battalion in the Memel bridgehead in East Prussia in late 1944 and experiences the relief attempt towards Budapest in late 1944 – early 1945. Finally, in February 1945, follows the transfer of the renamed battalion to the Oder Front near Küstrin, where the Panthers were one of the last panzer battalions opposing the Russian drive on Berlin. The descriptions involve the reader, not only in the battalion?s actions, but as well in the overall events at the Oder in the final weeks of the war. He directly experiences the collapse of the entire Oder front, the retreat and destruction in the Halbe Pocket. The descriptions are so vivid and powerful that one cannot escape the drama of the events. Whoever wants to understand what happened back then can take a journey through time with this book.
    Based on ten years of research, this is a book that rises above the many other books about panzer units and the final months of the war. More than 200 action photographs from every front, almost all of them previously unseen, and 27 color maps supplement the text.
    This is a unique documentation which, once again, took advantage of the opportunity to allow the last eyewitnesses to speak.
    The book is published in German/English!
    236 photos, 34 of them in colour, 27 coloured maps.

  • Le Noratlas. Du Nord 2500 au Nord 2508 Profils Avions No. 29

    Inspired by a first edition published in 1997, this is a new presentation, greatly enriched, with a totally renovated photographic choices.
    This book traces precisely the career of the Nord 2501 Noratlas from its conception at the end of the 40s until its withdrawal from the final service in the late 80s. Many versions tailored to specific needs were extrapolated, including electronic warfare.
    Also reviewed are foreign military users (Germany, Israel, Portugal, Greece, and many African countries), and some civilian companies like UAT and Air Algeria who passed command of the North 2502 versions with extra reactors. Nord Aviation tried to find other opportunities with N.2503 versions, N.2506, N.2508, but too late to be successful.
    6 maps, 23 color profiles, 8 b/w drawings as well as a complete production list. More than 1000 photos!