• U-Boot im Focus Nr. 07

    U-Boote im Focus is a magazine covering WW-2 German Navy submarine subjets, which is created by the same team that publishes Luftwaffe im Focus. It is published two times a year. Each volume contains about 80 previously unpublished photographs (most of them b/w) from private collections with detailed information in German and English (some volumes can also be obtained in French), as well as articles to special WW-2 submarine subjects. Contemporary colour photographs are also shown as well as colour profiles (a. o. in the centerfold), badges, markings and so on. The photographs are presented in large scale and high quality on art-print-paper. The comprehensive background-information makes each volume essential reading. A booklet for all historians and model builders as well.

  • U-Boot im Focus Nr. 10

    55 photos – thereof 5 in colour, 2 coloured conning tower sideviews (U-653 and U778), 1 coloured map, 3 coloured emblems, 1 coloured document, Readerforum
    Conning Towers: U-653 – In Action with the Aggressive Lobster” on its Conning Tower
    Documents: A Christmas Greeting from Camp Coral”
    Unknown Emblems: U-196’s Leaping Tiger (U-Kentrat)
    Boat in Focus: A U-Boat Rescues Refugees – U-778’s Operations During the Final Month of the War
    Equipment: 7 x 50 blc (Zeiss) U-Boat Binoculars
    Scenery: Polar Sea Boat in Action (U-367)
    Fate: Accident while Docking (U-209)as well as photos from different types and more information

  • Wings of the Black Cross Special Number One: Me Bf 110

    We are announcing the first release of the new series of books detailing specific aircraft flown by the Luftwaffe during WWII. Following the same format as the familiar and popular Wings of the Black Cross, each Special will provide supporting text and background, expanded photo coverage plus additional color profiles.
    The initial release will focus on the Messerschmitt Bf 110 as it saw service throughout the war in many different roles. This 52 page book, includes a brief history of the aircraft and its various operational roles, both day and night, and concludes with a concise history of the aircraft’s camouflage and markings. Of the 77 photos, most are unpublished from the private collection of Mark Proulx plus a few from selected contributors, and are presented in large format. Extensive captioning provides specific details found in each image.
    Highly regarded and recognized aviation illustrator Fernando Estanislau, brings his unique talents to Eagle Editions Ltd. for the first time, complimenting the book with ten detailed color profiles. His superb knowledge and attention to detail of the subject makes for some of the most accurate Bf 110 profiles ever created. Included are a number of color scrap views focusing on some of the nose art as applied to the Messerschmitt Bf 110.
    Wings of the Black Cross Special Number One researched and written by Mark Proulx, provides a concentrated study of the Messerschmitt Bf 110, through photos, text and illustrations.